Main Hall Renting

Volkswagen Arena, Turkey's first indoor music and performance center equipped with an “amplified” live performance infrastructure, hosts experiences that break the routine with its dynamic and innovative atmosphere with its capacity reaching up to 6,500 guests. With its architecture that can adapt rapidly to the spirit of any experience, venue is suitable for many different configurations as well as standing and seated concert setups. To adapt to the event design and capacity, all of parts of the tribunes and the unused parts of the ground area can be completely hidden.
While the high ceiling allows for magnificent space designs, the unique acoustic structure provides a high quality sound experience at every point including the field, the tribunes and the Skyboxes.
Fresh air circulation systems work at all events for the comfort and health of the guests.

Services that are included to the rental fee:

  • Security, usher, and cleaning services
  • Electricity and UPS and generator if necessary
  • Crane service for load-in and load-out
  • Stage floor (1,5m height, 160m2 in total)
  • Floor seats and setup (if requested)
  • Cube LED (Please check Promoters’ Pack for more info)
  • Scoreboard (2 pcs.)

For more details about the main hall, please contact our sales team at

Examine Promoters Pack