+1 Sunar: Gezgin Salon Tamino

About the Event

Tamino opened a portal to the worlds beyond and stunned the audience with his giant presence on the stage at his Parkorman concert this past summer as part of the +1 Presents: Gezgin Salon Festival. Upon popular demand, Tamino visits Istanbul once again as the guest star of Gezgin Salon with +1 enthusiasm. This time, Tamino and his new album will take the lead at Volkswagen Arena on 18 March.

Tamino has managed to form tight bonds with his audience with songs such as ‘Indigo Night’ and ‘Habibi’ that convey a well of wisdom beyond his young age. Now, his wisdom grows with the echoes of his second album Sahar, released on 23 September. The grandson of one of Egypt’s most famed singers and film stars Muharrem Fouad, Tamino channels his own lineage, as well as the folk and rock music traditions from the Middle East and Europe for a borderless and timeless record.

Created in the wake of the international frenzy that followed his debut album AmirSahar was born in Tamino’s Antwerp apartment. Already adept at playing guitar and piano, Tamino took up the oud, an Arabic lute, under the mentorship of a Syrian refugee. The instrument served as a key tool in the songwriting process, and provides a melancholic soundscape that is threaded throughout the project. The record is a distillation of Tamino’s solitary reflections, and a product of work with close collaborators including Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood, producer/engineer PJ Maertens, and drummer Ruben Vanhoutte.