As If We Met On Earth

About the Event

She saw my message, i waited for her to respond for a while, she started writing, but then she stopped… Why did she stop! What did she write! What the f**k happened!

Late night in a Police Station. Crossing paths of characters, in the wake of loss beyond bearing


Written and Directed by: Berkun Oya
Producer: Nisan Ceren Göknel

Cast: (in alphabetical order): 

Alican Yücesoy
Defne Kayalar
Fatih Artman
Okan Yalabık
Öner Erkan
Serkan Keskin
Settar Tanrıöğen
Stage and Costume Design by: Berkun Oya
Set Realisation: Muhtar Pattabanoğlu
Lighting Designer: Cem Yılmazer
Production Manager: Evrim Zeybek
Project Assistant: İrem Avcı
Technical Manager: Emrah Altıntoprak
Sound Design and Realisation: Hakan Atmaca